Seattle Indie Expo alpha Build 18.01

I think the big things of note are SAVING and loading games are now a fully featured thing. If you make it to the bar and die you will load into the bar. if you die and haven't made it there yet, you will start at your home. Try to walk in the door of the bar if you can. 

I overhauled the textbox system as well. MUCH more satisfying to engage with. 

Also, the FOOD system is starting to make its way into the game! WAYY more coming with this. 


FROM LAST POST but also changed since the last release:

fixed money drops on player location

food pickups are now consumed immediately

increased / adjusted player weapon hitbox sizes (edited)

increased damage of ground slam

bat thrown weapons no longer deactivate outside of the camera and then reactivate inside camera (edited)

foot stomp corpse gibbing range increased (edited)

fixed picked up food item not showing in inventory right away (edited)

fixed "bstring2[0]: " showing in vendor screen

fixed first time opening store vendor menu background is very white and over exposed

fixed 'throw knife charges' show in store before you have the knife

fixed 'throw knife charges' wouldnt show in the store right after picking up 'throw knife'

the reach or radius of ground slam hit increased (edited)

added eating sound when you consume food items (edited)

damage number now go higher 29 -> 99 (edited)

reworked damage crit system (crits do a little more damage now) (edited)

throw knives damage now scales powerups

DMG numbers now spawn further aprt

ground slam now scales with player dmg

fixed control issue where when pressing down and attack sometimes you would ground slam and sometimes you would diagonal down attack.

fixed issue where when opening the inventory screen you would have to close it 2x to get out

refreshed control menu screen.

removed room 'level3' because it was pointless to have

game now saves when you pick up the main knife weapon

game now saves certain things on 'deafeated'

game now respawns you at your house if you are 'defeated'. you retain some things.

changed low damage bloody screen to 1 health (half a heart)   from   3 health (one and a half heart)

redesigned the ground slam hit box, now has its own dedicated hitbox

added basic volume control in options

changed 'selected' font color in options to orange

fixed bug in menu where if you use 'enter' it would skip the next menu screen (edited)

fixed a bug where sometimes after loading a game the player would never load into the game

added camera horizontal movement with right stick while idle (edited)

added horizontal screen edge buffer (when player gets near the edge of the screen the camera comes to a buttery smooth stop)

unclamped camera to room edge

camera now vertically clamped to one spot unless there is y axis travel in a room (edited)

fixed background lineup issues caused by camera improvements

fixed 1 grass sprite that was 1 single pixel too high, breaking game immersion entirely. causing a chain reaction... the entire game would then explode and in turn your motherboard, unable to process what was happening, would send out an electrical shockwave throughout the room... creating a fancy 5 sec light show for anyone there to witness it.

fixed more background alignment issues...

modified text boxes

new game font

new intro message

all game text replaced with new font

added background to vender selection

changed controller screen to new font

added heal numbers

added modular food /stomach system

added burger food item

fixed musubi healing every 10 kills

made a new player animation

made a new particle effect

added eating animation

added food toss animation

fixed textbox alignment issue

added new secondary weapon

hammer now knocks back shielded enemies

duck elite now faster, not stronger, harder, better (edited)

hammer now interrupts elites attacks (edited)

fixed elite duck walk speed sometimes doubling (edited)

new hit enemy FX

Started Converting to gms2.3+

fixed a bunch of object and background alignment issues caused by 2.3 conversion

'bats' now always face you after being hit (instead of sometimes pausing and walking away from the player)

'turtles' now walk toward you after being hit

steak added to game

bleed effect now in game

Added blood icon next to bleed dmg number pop up

Made dmg text colored. Red=bleed. Green=poison, white=normal

changed the fx a bit for "knife ult" (edited)

fixed knife ult falling particles (were not showing)

made knife ult go on longer (duration doubled)

added mac and cheese to game

added new enemy to the game (not complete)

new hud health system

hearts are now /4

added a new player ability to summon minions (edited)

new flying enemy in

started implementing DoF

fixed some BG alignment issues

Can now jump while pressing up

Can now jump while holding down (edited)

if 'shielded' player no longer goes to 'knockback' state. shield charge will break and absorb the hit entirely. (edited)

weapon pickups now have a version that costs money to pickup

new 'shield break' sound

weapons now purchasable

throw cleaver back in the game

red spirit USE now gives 4 health (1 full heart) up from 2.

added text typing sound to text box (edited)

changed speed of text

items dont come back if you have them or bought them anymore

frog bar growing (player base) (edited)

UltraWide resolution now works and the game saves the resolution when you exit. pause screen and HUD modified for UW as well. full screen DMG indicators now scale as well (edited)

game now starts default at a lower resolution

tweaked player dodge movement timers a bit to make it feel a bit better (shorter space of time in between dashes) (edited)

simplified dodge/dash code so there should be no more 'non reg' button presses.

added 4k resolution support

fixed 'player light'. now actually illuminates area around player

disabled some blur (DoF) layers because they were causing performance issues high 2k/4k resolutions (edited)

modified 'light' layers. lighting should be more prominent now.

volume level now saves if you restart the game

made some changes to the title screen background

options menu now tells you what your current volume level and screen resolution is

increased money drop rates

high jump through a enemy body will now make it gib

(5/10 kill spree DAMAGE up) disabled. -go get your buffs from foods! (edited)

npcs with store menu to buy things eliminated. (new system going in place) (edited)

weapon and food prices lowered

secondary weapons from 500s -> 200s tomi (edited)

currency now called tomi

secondary weapons if found as a drop are now free but currently can be purchasable in secret areas

oh yeah, uh... i added a secret store. 

fixed light layers wrong depth in frogpub and kier house indoor rooms

red spirit now able to buy with new system

player, turtles, bats, pot breaking and particles all slmo'd (edited)

fixed bats sometimes throwing 2 cleavers and sometimes throwing none (edited)

cut grass particles slowed (edited)

damage numbers slowed

weapon ultimates slowed

enemy hitboxes slowed

duck and goat elites slowed

rabbits slowed

bat flyer slowed

fixed rabbit sometimes not throwing knife and audio sometimes playing double

fixed multiple issues with rabbits

fixed more bad rabbit code

health loss indicator slowed

fixed ground slam sometimes triggering 2x

shield orbitor slowed

moved enemies off the same layer as the player

controller screen now shows if theres a detected gamepad (edited)

started adding controller vibration

lots of animation work

more animation work

frog bar work


-started base roguelite game mechanic

-started implementing in game pause option menu (edited)
-can now change resolution, master audio level, view controls, save and exit game, save and go to menu at PAUSE screen in game
-spirits now tell you what they do when you go to buy them

-can now delete save data - buggy (edited)

-you can now buy blue spirits (edited)
-textbox text now wraps the the next line properly instead of suddenly moving half a typed out work to the next line

-textbox text now pauses briefly for punctuation

-decreased text buffer size. now more text fits per 'page'

-added colored text and text fx -mostly working (edited)
-bar work
-much implementation of the food system
-more pause options menu work

-fixed light layer at wrong depth - secret kier house room

-del save game file now works
-food inventory now saves your stomach if you saved and loaded in a way where you did not die
-added player progression variable
-many misc fixes
-bouncer shrooms no longer make you bounce unless you're in air

-ability container jugs will no longer appear if you have the ability already

-underground waves has no way out now unless you kill the elite
-doubled the amount of fall time before you land hard and get somewhat stunned 70 --> 140 (edited)
-doubled the amount of time before spirits disappear
-fixed a bunch of issues related to saving after dying vs saving while alive
-added a new npc outside kier's house (edited) 
-worked on new cirrata key art / poster
-new game intro text is now actual text (can be modified much more easily) (edited)

-new DMG UP and MOVE SPEED UP screen notifications (actual txt now and not a sprite) wont overlap (edited)

-fixed camera getting stuck in the wall after Bird mini boss cutscene
-charging high jump now prevents horizontal movement

-charging high jump now plays kier jump charge animation

-high jump "charge time" is now the amount of time it takes the animation to play

-dash movement is now quicker to match high jump speed (edited)

-dash distance is now slightly longer. matching wall jump distance (edited)

-fixed spamming the ground slam ability on bouncer mushroom

-WALL JUMP changed: press toward wall: more horizontal movement, less vertical. dont press direction: go more vertical and less horizontal (edited)

-can no longer immediately jump when impacting the ground from a ground slam
-fixed bug where if you high jump into a ground slam the debris would only spawn the first time and then not again unless you did a regular jump and then tried it again 
-started overworld map for mini map (edited)

-finished sprite for bar 

-minimap work 
-more sprite work

-more frog bar work 

-now have to press button to enter boss door in sky room (edited)
-many improvements to sky wave room
-new shroom bounce sound
-made secret rooms slightly less secret, you can see them now 

-new sprites

-adding more detail to the bar

-working on new trailer

-fixed bug with textbox crashing the game

-more bar work 

-fixed issue where dying and then loading would drop you in the wrong places

-changed some npc dialog

-fixed food prices couldnt be seen in frog bar
-fixed many ground collision snags
-new trailer work
-trailer first pass cut and organize done

-probably do 2 more passes through everythign

-fixed misc collision bugs

-fixed mini map thinking it was in the wrong room

-misc level adjustments

-fixed intro message off centered in 4k resolution

-modified misc npc dialogs

-added weapon to kier's back room


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Aug 31, 2022

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