Cirra — 06/04/2022

adding another penguin to show you where to go in the 'tutorial' room

Cirra — 06/04/2022

fixed sign displaying wrong message in underground (edited)

Cirra — 06/04/2022

fixed bug where elite duck drops loot where it was previously killed after killing, leaving and reentering the room.

Cirra — 06/04/2022

increased size and reach of player main weapon hit slash 1 -> 1.3 (edited)

Cirra — 06/04/2022

increased speed of all player main weapon hit slash animations

Cirra — 06/04/2022

added penguin #3 to tutorial room

June 5, 2022

Cirra — 06/05/2022

sky zone wave system now ends when you kill the elite

Cirra — 06/05/2022

ELITE GOAT now spawns from door in sky area

Cirra — 06/05/2022

Underground elite room fight now activated

[5:48 PM]

Greatly increased attack speed for all main weapon attacks (50->60)

[5:53 PM]

Bats now attempt to block triple knife throw attack

Cirra — 06/05/2022

lowered triple knife throw knife damage

[6:33 PM]

fixed shield bat not deflecting throw knife properly

[6:34 PM]

removed 'cleaver' drop until i can polish the throw knives systems better

[6:35 PM]

'TITAN' boss hp increased 250 -> 350

[6:40 PM]

'Chest Blocks' Now drop random spirits as well

Cirra — 06/05/2022

Added 'mini' health pickup to the game (edited)

June 6, 2022

Cirra — 06/06/2022

fixed issue that would cause collision to miss when attacking the 'shield bat' while they were attacking after being shielded.

Cirra — 06/06/2022

slightly more bouncy player walk animation

Cirra — 06/06/2022

synched player feet with the floor a bit better while walking

Cirra — 06/06/2022

fixed animation speed issue. when movement speed increased the animation speed did not

Cirra — 06/06/2022

refreshed player ground thrust attack 1 animation

[11:32 PM]

increased foot stomp speed slightly (edited)

June 7, 2022

Cirra — 06/07/2022

increased Dash Attack distance

Cirra — 06/07/2022

Now as long as you have 1 or more 'Shield Charges' your secondary weapon will be in its upgraded form (edited)

June 9, 2022

Cirra — 06/09/2022

level design work (level44)

Cirra — 06/09/2022

dash attack now spawns secondary ultimate on first hit enemy

[11:14 PM]

fixed a bug that allowed you to jump during the 'dash attack' and repeatedly jump thereafter to continue momentum and fly across the level.

Cirra — 06/09/2022

added shockwave effect when dash attack ultimate gets triggered

[11:37 PM]

lowered damage on knife secondary ultimate damage (x3 -> x1)

June 11, 2022

Cirra — Today at 2:02 PM

adjusted parallax layer depth in above ground areas for added parallaxy effect (edited)

Cirra — Today at 3:25 PM

unable to dash after ground slam fixed

Cirra — Today at 3:46 PM

chest drop drops loot even after being destroyed and returning to the room fixed (edited)

Cirra — Today at 4:25 PM

added new vendor underground

Cirra — Today at 5:15 PM

lowered drop rate of small health

Cirra — Today at 5:23 PM

recipe pickups disappearing fixed

Cirra — Today at 6:14 PM

fixed dash atk causes unable to jump

[6:16 PM]

fixed bouncer mushroom allowing dashatk to shoot player across the room

Cirra — Today at 6:24 PM

fixed player would stop moving dash attacking turtle enemy

[6:24 PM]

enlarged 'shockwave' fx from ground slam

Cirra — Today at 6:42 PM

raised Boss and Elites HP

Cirra — Today at 9:50 PM

new load message

[9:51 PM]

new defeat message

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Jun 12, 2022

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