Demo Update! v1730

keyboard not able to access vendor bug now fixed

fixed "horde system" title not showing

new inventory title images

created "debug mode"

Optimizations (reset all textures to one page. resorted every texture in the game into proper texture groups)(edited)

adjusted low health screen effect. lowered resolution for performance reasons. scaled it up a bit. slowed the animation. overall more subtle effect(edited)

'narwhal' now has different dialog after you free the "eyeball"

'elites' now have 'fancy' health bars

added particle FX to the 'weapon box'

camera now follows faster when falling.

added a poison cloud that appears after ground slamming mushroom (doesnt cause poison yet)(edited)

fixed collision and animation issues with 'bouncer mushroom'

fixed an issue where the first time you try to see the vendors inventory it doesnt open

added food you can buy to the vendor

tweaked inventory so its a bit easier to see whats going on

fixed issue where if you moved the vendor inventory the player inventory would be moved to the same spot (both now remember what you had selected at the time of closing menu)(edited)

player inventory overhaul

can now buy 3 different food buff items

turtle knockback issues fixed

recoded enemy knockback a bit

fixing knockback values for every weapon and every enemy

rabbit knockback state fixed

bat and turtle knockback states tuned

bat attack can now be interrupted

updated demo end graphic

demo end now shows how many overall kills you had

fixed demo end crashes

got 3 food items fully implemented

more inventory and vendor work(edited)

removed "small health"

added more npc frogs

Fixed a fee misc room music transition bugs

Changed the requirements to progress in sky zone

Changed a platform height and or removed a platform for ease of level traversal

increased damage for "secondary weapons" while player has one shield charge (now 4 levels) 1:regular, no blue fx. 2: buffed, with blue effects, more damage. 3: buffed blue fx 3 shots. 4: ultimate, red fx


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Version 2 Mar 10, 2021

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