ALPHA DEMO! v1725 (many bug fixes)

added vendor just before "sky zone"

fixed bug : fall then then down slam and hit ground causes player to float above ground(edited)

fixed: unable to ground slam from a fall(edited)

increased ground slam attack damage (now x2 of what it was)(edited)

-ground slam now causes slight knockback/stun to enemy(edited)

added sound to 'bouncer' that signifies 'boosted bounce'

changed description for "burst attack" to clarify use(edited)

changed description for "high jump" to clarify use

changed description for "slam attack" to clarify use

fixed misc enemy collision issues

fixed goat sometimes spawning unfinished weapon 'cleaver'

removed joystick menu control (for now)

red bottles now correctly heal 1 heart instead of sometimes healing two full hearts

changed drop rate for red 'bottles' (red bottles now do not drop if you have full slots and full health)
(red bottles drop less if you have full slots and not full health)(edited)

slight increase on drop rate of "blue bottle"


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Mar 02, 2021

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unable to access vendor with keyboard controls fixed