Cirrata - NOVEMBER update

added ability to gib bat bodies

ground slam gibs enemy bodies

added a brief "cling" to walls prior to wall jumping. you slide downward slightly during this state.

foot stomping is only enabled while near a body

miscellaneous movement code cleanup

fixed item button spawners not being destroyed

fixed player room spawn locations not being set properly

fixed jump animation (at apex of jump would play wrong anim)

fixed item button spawners:
- now follow the item that spawned them
- dont spawn double on occasion

added pulse to enemies bodies
(to signify loot)

added new sound fx

added new zone music for sky area

more polish to the down slam attack

added sound to wall jump initial impact

added sound to items when they disappear(edited)

enabled downward slam attack to be initiated after a high jump ability.

changed drop through platform control to DOWN + DASH BUTTON

more misc polish to the down slam and foot stomp mechanics

changed small health bottle to heal half heart instead of full heart

large health bottle still heals 1 full heart

added audio to sky boss

Added new zooming system to replace old one

recalibrated everything involved in the player death sequence

added two more hitboxes for the skyboss
and calibrated the old ones a bit

changing player dash/high jump/down slam variable for more responsive movement

dash movements are now faster/ more responsive

new item descriptors

added hud timers for "spirits"

added new audio for knife swipes while the damage buff/"spirit" is in effect

made hit fx more "juicy"

added temporary title screen

set up system to control hit fx size. 4 variable sizes. (CRIT, large, medium, small)

Started reworking Item system

Blue "potion" now increases movement speed by 20% and gives the player a "shield" charge per "potion" use

dash attack is now an ability pickup. Have to use the spirit and you gain the ability to use the dash attack. doing the dash attack consumes one blue "spirit"

Fixed layer/camera depth issue for “level3”

Fixed many flow issues in “level3” and added more background assets.

Fixed particles game crash caused by player “longfall” blood splatter particles

Fixed the shield bat’s shield hit effects. Player hitboxes were not registering.

Fixed layer/camera depth issue for “level3L1”

Fixed layer/camera depth issue for “level4”

Added Git Support

worked on new title menu screen

reprogrammed blue "spirits" to give a "shield" charge on use. and passive while holding: move speed buff. and cleaned up "spirit" pickups code(edited)

started to convert all enemy hit-boxes to a single script to be easily adjustable per enemy(edited)

lengthened the time the full screen hit effect is on screen .045 to .03 fade speed (more prominent now)(edited)

'Shield Bat' enemy now throws cleaver to players current location when thrown. (No longer random, unpredictable throws).(edited)

fixed layering misalignments in "3L21" and "3L1"

fixed miscellaneous room connectivity gateway issues

Fixed two more rooms depth issues and room doorway issues.

Fixed overall world map flow. Opened up some new doorways in the map as well.

Fixed layering issue with 3L3 and 3L2

Changed layout of 3L3 and 3L2
Also, connected to rest of map.

reworked "wave" system - enemies now spawn randomly based on where the player currently is.

fixed high jump and down slam activation glow - now works

added zoom on analog stick press. Left stick hold = zoom in, Right stick hold = zoom out. release to go to back to default zoom.(edited)

fixed slow to track player camera after changing rooms

added fade from black upon entering a new room(edited)

fixed issue where knife swipe fx would not show up if the lighting layers were turned on

fixed camera edge of screen clamp offset(edited)

fixed light layers for newly refreshed rooms. layer and lighting now updated. performance should be increased in these rooms yet with more visuals

increased collision radius of downward air slam attack

fixed only being able to jump directly upward after a slam attack

added timer to slam attack, cannot spam slam attack now(edited)

fixed major texture page issue

fixed an exploit with coyote time where you could jump up to a ledge in order to use coyote time and jump again

Added dialogue npc's to frog town. added varying frogs as well

Enemies are now persistent based on the room. Kill one and they stay dead till reset

Enemies reset on visiting the central "home" zone

added options menu to start menu

fixed save/load system

can now save in the home town at a save stone(edited)

graphics menu with window resizing, and full screen switch now implemented

reduced wall jump cling to wall time from 15 to 8 (steps. @ 60 steps per second)(edited)

began implementation of town npc vendor

full resolution switching and settings saved upon change. and loaded upon relaunch of the game. including user accessible .txt options file(edited)

fixed enemies showing up over the top of everything else bug

added a vendor npc. can now purchase items in town

added currency to the world of cirrata

added attack for turtle enemy

changed graphic for full screen damage effect

more map work - level3L3(edited)

fixed a bug with low health fx

fixed misc death sequence issues(edited)

you now have a chance to get money from all breakable items

turtle enemy will now eat currency drops(edited)

removed "score_point" system from the game

weapon "chests" added to game

item chests will spawn a random secondary weapon item based on player skill level(edited)

consolidated all game notes (to-do's, bugs to fix, etc) to a single file. / creating a guide manual(edited)

added player consecutive hit counts, and kill counts(edited)

added a new indicator for enemies bodies

fixed collision issue with turtle enemy corpse

fixed chest spawning the wrong throw knife (it was spawning the thrown knife, so a knife would fly out when you break the box)

enemies drop rate is based on a % now. (no longer always drops the same thing every time)(edited)

fixed background alignment issues in room "level3L2"

Added more visuals to "level3L2"

Bats now climb out of the ground when they spawn during "wave system"

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